About the Creator

Always a big fan of the dark and creepy, Jeanie began creating her adorably strange dolls in 2014. She has created over 900 unique dolls. From the creepy classic zombie dolls to the more elaborate and detailed collection from the PuppetMaster, Jeanie has created a vast and amazing array of babies.


Using recycled materials is one of Jeanie's favorite things about her creations.  From the dolls themselves to the tiny buttons and props she gives each baby, nothing is purchased new unless required for a custom order. She loves the challenge to try and use everything to its fullest advantage in bringing another loved creation to life.


Jeanie  travels all over Ohio, Illinois and Michigan to different shows and conventions. to show her amazing lttle creepies to everyone. Her love of the macabre gives her a special insight to create the creepy dolls, while her whimsical side brings to life the more cute and cuddly creations. at one show it is not unusual to find the cute next to the creepy and the fabulous next to the macabre. Maggots with pearls, and gems with blood, Jeanie loves to mix it up!


Each doll is numbered and the proud possessor can go to the Facebook page, Cuddly Creaturez, and see their creation come to life.

About the Cuddly Creaturez

     Each creation is unique largely in part due to the doll it is created from. Jeanie tries to keep the "baby doll quality" that grabbed her attention. It may be the eyes, the smile, or the body style itself.

Once the baby doll is chosen, it is then prepped for sculpting and painting by a light sanding. Note-- all dolls are washed and sanitized upon receiving. Once sanded, Jeanie then sculpts and begins the creating process. Sculpting can take anywhere from 2 hours up to two weeks, depending on the depth and detail of each sculpt!


     Once sculpted, it is time for the priming and painting. The painting of a creation is a time consuming task, layers upon layers are placed, creating the looks desired. Once the painting is satisfactory, the baby is then sealed in a three part system. Once sealed, it is time for the costuming and finishing touches.


     If possible actual doll clothes may be used, although they most often need alterations or additions in order for them to work. Usually the costumes are planned out, from the material to the trim. Then it is the cutting out, pinning and sewing steps. Once the baby is in costume, then all the fun little extras get to be added. Jeanie loves the tiny details, so she adds the buttons, and bows and fun things that cater to each babies personality.


     Finally, so the baby is unafraid to go to her new home, Jeanie will help pick out a pet to keep them company. Once they are united and all set, it is then they receive their number, autograph and date.


     Viola! They are ready for their forever home!



Amazing babies and their forever homes